COVID-19 UPDATE 3/30/20

COVID-19 UPDATE 3/30/20


Office Furniture Loft is operational to provide service to our employees,
clients, partners and community. We have received required status for
distribution to essential companies per state and federal guidelines.

We are continually monitoring the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and
the Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) for daily updates
to provide our employees a safe and healthy working environment.
We have established a continuity plan that relies on email, virtual meetings and remote connectivity as our primary contact and response method. With our soft phone application, our employees can be reached at their normal extensions. Messages left on team members’ work phones are monitored and answered as quickly as possible.

Our showroom in Owings Mills, MD is closed until further notice. We’re
actively using remote strategies along with virtual client meetings to keep daily operations running as usual. All of our facilities are being cleaned and disinfected regularly to ensure a safe work environment.


Office Furniture Loft is monitoring the operational status of our
manufacturing partners and we will provide updates, as we receive them,
via email.


Account Executives will continue to be available by their standard email addresses, phone extensions and mobile phone numbers. All responses to projects from ourAccount Executives will be via email or phone


Office Furniture Loft has temporarily transitioned headquartered
team members to work remotely. Our continuity plan has been
tested to make an easy transition as not to delay our ability
to serve you.


Currently, Office Furniture Loft is accepting all shipments and making
deliveries, while safely completing projects
. There is restricted entry for

delivery drivers to our warehouse and paperwork is being delivered to the door. Our warehouse team has been provided rubber gloves, masks and

disinfecting spray to utilize upon receipt of product and to use as necessary. All WD&I employees have proper documentation of the nature of their
delivery being essential to the operations of our clients.

After installation, all furniture surfaces and cabinet are sprayed and
disinfected. We want to ensure a safe installation process. Our employees
are aware and following (CDC) guidelines of daily cleaning of tools and
building materials; washing hands as often as possible; covering coughs
and sneezes with tissues and avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.


Our Corrective Actions Department is reviewing all claims made by clients and reporting information to the appropriate manufacturer.

If you are experiencing any warranty or service related issues, please email

Thank you for your support and patience during this challenging time. We are working together with you to provide safe and healthy environments.

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