PPE in the Workplace: Keeping Your Office Safe


PPE in the Workplace: Keeping Your Office Safe

Companies returning to work onsite will need to make some changes to provide the safest environment for their workers. Some have made procedural changes like alternating onsite workdays to reduce attendance, or altering traffic patterns to make hallways and other passages one-way only.

But in virtually all cases, some changes will need to be made to the physical environment as well. Here are four applications of PPE products we’re seeing in Maryland businesses:

Sanitizing stations: Putting hand sanitizing stations in prominent locations is something every business should do. And it couldn’t be easier: they’re battery-operated, touchless and can be wall mounted or freestanding.

Desk partitions: While an open office plan has many advantages in normal times, these are not normal times. Simple yet effective, desk partitions come in various heights and widths to make it easy to divide space. These can be an alternative to solutions that use every other desk throughout an office, which can test the limits of the available space. Partitions are easily connected and can be reconfigured endlessly to accommodate changing needs.

Countertop sneeze guards: Any personnel behind a counter – receptionists, clerks or anyone dealing with others – should also be behind a sneeze guard. And these couldn’t be simpler … installation typically requires no tools, and they’re very easy to clean and keep sanitized.

Heightened workstations: If you already have cubicle separators but they only reach desk height, there’s good news here also. In most cases those dividers can be heightened to provide a safe barrier between workers. And these extensions can be made of glass so visual communication isn’t hampered and plenty of light gets through.

In mid-November the State of Maryland announced that $20 million dollars in funding for PPEs would be made available to businesses, so there may be help available in covering these expenses. Some combination of these four items, if not all four, is in order for any business returning to the office.

Questions about PPEs or safe design for your office environment? Contact Douron. 

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