The Surprising Effect of Physical Environment on Employee Productivity

The Surprising Effect of Physical Environment on Employee Productivity

There’s more to employee productivity than meets the eye. With employee productivity levels declining nationally, it’s time to get smart about keep your team engaged and on task. Updating your office’s physical environment is a savvy way to do just that:


Workspaces that promote movement benefit the health of employees, increase productivity, and encourage collaboration. Being active helps keep our minds sharp and can even help us beat the afternoon slump!

To make your office more movement-friendly, offer adjustable height desks and collaborative workspaces. Allow employees to have standing or walking meetings and consider offering a free or discounted gym membership.


A little green goes a long way! Plants make workspaces look alive and more attractive. But did you know they can help you get more done as well? Office plants help keep the air clean and reduce stress by allowing us to connect with nature even indoors. The color green is known for having a relaxing effect on the mind and spirit. 

To enjoy the benefits of plants at your office, stick to plants that thrive in low-light environments such as spider plants, lemon balm, and golden pothos. If you plan on adding several plants to the office and are concerned about upkeep, rotate responsibilities among team members or outsource it to a professional. 


Show employees you’re dedicated to their health by offering water, healthy snacks, a stocked breakroom, and plenty of fun, active events. The vending machine and starchy office snacks are big temptations to resist! You can offer fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, and fruit and nut bars to give employees healthier options.

You can plan for active outings such as outdoor team building retreats, in-office massages by licensed professionals, company marathon teams, and more.


Ditch the dingy lights for something more inspiring! Effective lighting can help employees stay alert and energized. Good lighting makes your office look better too! Add task lighting for tasks that require lots of concentration and light in a specific area. Use track lighting to draw the eye to any special architectural details or artwork. Recessed lighting is great when used alongside lambs to provide just enough lighting for a bigger space. Don’t forget to make use of natural lighting from windows. Place as many workspaces by windows as you can to increase productivity.

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